Sunday, June 3, 2007

Paris Hilton - What's Next?

Well, anybody deserves second chances, perhaps even a third chance. But second chances are rare these days, especially in Hollywood. The competition is too high and the risks of not even scratching the surface of luck are immense. But we can never know what the odds are for Paris Hilton when she tries to take center stage again.

Maybe the jail sentence that is due on June 5 is the turn of her career, maybe even her life's. But that of course depends much on Paris Hilton. Alter all, it is her life, and hers alone. No matter how many of us wish her luck or at least that she learns from her lessons, only she can realize things and really appreciate the events that are within her grasp. She alone is in control of her life, much as you alone could make decisions for yourselves.

So what's next for her after she serves her time in jail? We'll never know and what we are about to tell you in the following paragraphs are only hopeful and realistic assumptions of what she might face in the very near future.

Forty-five days are not long enough for most ordinary people who were used to some forms of pain and sufferings. But when we're talking about someone who has been living in a life of opulence and who have probably never seen the sight of the slum, the prison may be like the hell on earth for her.

You may have watched movies set in women's facilities, at least they're better than those of the men's correctional. But the thing is- this is Paris's fist time to suffer days without luxury, not even make up or hair dye. for her case, it may even be too impossible to live without a mobile phone or her luxurious dresses. Of course she's in jail and it is not possible for her to receive special treatments. What's worse is that her inmates might even take advantage of her publicly known weaknesses which could turn jail into something she would never want to ever think again once she comes out, if she comes out.

We can all remember that when her case was filed, she suffered some sort of emotional disturbance which led her psychiatrist to say that she is "emotionally distraught and traumatized". Understandably, she might not have understood reality before her case came into court. That could have been an eye-opener for her, slapping her in the face while living the marks- "you are not invincible".

The thing is she was living an unrealistic life in her fantasyland neighborhood where everyone seems to have taken flattery as a basic survival technique. Add this with the fact that she has always been a heedless brat who can do everything she can because she uses money as her license. These are enough reasons why she never understood that drunk driving does not go unpunished, even if she were the princess of her fantasyland.

Or maybe she can still be invisible after she got out of her jail. She might come back in the Hollywood and go back to her old ways as if nothing happens. Well, we really can't teach an old dog new tricks, can we? So it is still possible that she might not learn a lesson or two in the jail and we will all pretend that she never got a sentence and she never served her time inside. Then she could return to her fantasyland and regain her throne as the table-dancing queen.

This jail stuff could create some damages though. The media might lose interest on her after a while which of course leads to lesser news about her. Then we will all be safe again in our own homes, staying focused on our own businesses. In that case, her popularity could shrink and she'll just go down to history as the Hilton hotel heiress who somehow managed to get jail for a mentor.

Additionally, young Americans who see her as a role model might become enlightened of what image of a role model they should have. Of course, older people understand that someone spotted for hitting marijuana or someone who popularized herself on all wrong methods should never be someone everybody looks up to. But these young Americans, especially female teenagers, might need some lessons still before they get the real distinction of a role model.

For Paris Hilton, this might be the end of the road for everything but so long as we are letting her image enter our homes, she will always stand in the middle of the road waving her well-pampered hands toward us.

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