Friday, July 6, 2007

Cross Border Tour 2007

Yunnan State is without uncertainty 1 of the most beguiling finishes in China. It's the most varied of all of China's provinces, with terrain ranging from tropical rainforest to snow-capped Tibetan peaks. It's also the sixth-largest state and place to a 3rd of all China's ethnical minorities(nearly 50% of the province is non-Han) and one-half of all China's works and animate being species. There are 25 different ethnical minorities in Yunnan, making it the most culturally diverse state in China. This multiplicity of civilizations have endowed the state with a rich heritage that it shares with all who come up to visit. There is always something fantastic to see and make here. The natural beauty of Yunnan State withstands description. It have mountain scopes and glaciers that are snow-capped all of twelvemonth round, deep virgin forests, lakes and hot springs, alpine landscapes, precipitous valleys, beautiful farmlands, mountain rivers and vale streams, flowered luster that bloomings throughout the year, and huge skies with astonishing clouds. Yunnan is also well known for its mild clime year-round-its name means' South of the Clouds'. The provincial capital, Kunming is similarly referred to as the 'Spring City'. Thus if you could only travel to one province, this mightiness well be it. Until recent modern times most of Yunnan was not easily approachable as it was cut off from communicating with the outside human race by precipitous mountains. Many believe that the Shangri-la referred to in Jesse James Milton's Lost Horizons, was here in Yunnan. It now may be the last virgin land where one can detect civilizations whose layers travel back for one thousands of old age into the past. Visit Yunnan and be prepared to be enchanted. It was not possible for us to just daydream about motorcycling into this magic land until now. The dreaming have got come up true, we have made it true. Come and ride, do your escapades of a life time. If you are dreaming about an escapade on a bike by reading stories, listening to will never come up true. But if you have got really adequate courage, this trip do it truely. Be pridefulness on doing this trip, it is more than than a trip because it is THE adventure OF A life TIME

Riding in the most beautiful path in the Northwestern United States of Vietnam, crossing People'S Republic Of China boundary line to Yunnan, Lijiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Dali, Wheeling on windy mountain passes, exploring the richest mountain hill-tribe civilizations of Asia. Peal onward to Tibet, Myanmar boundary line then traverse Lao People'S Democratic Republic boundary line to Luang Prabang during 21 days. There are many big High-way inch People'S Republic Of China but we prefer the back-road through countryside and mountainous.

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