Friday, August 24, 2007

Action - The Antidote for Depression

Nearly six calendar months ago, I went to see the EAP counsellor provided by my employer. She suggested that I was suffering from depression. My rejoinder was, "I am not depressed!" Mind you, I have got worked in the field of guidance for 34 years. When I began to reason with her, she casually asked, "What would you state a client who said that she cried daily, was having problem sleeping, experienced jobs concentrating, and didn't experience joyful?" I replied that I'd state her she was depressed. The counsellor strongly encouraged a visit with my doctor, and a trial of anti-depressant medicine loomed on the horizon. Old Age ago, I was stunned to see a smiley human face imprinted on an anti-depressant medication. I knew for myself that medicine was not the reply - it would merely mask the symptoms. I left her business office talking to myself. According to all the symptoms of clinical depression, I'm depressed. Then I decided to inquire myself a deeper question:

What am I depressing? Here is how the lexicon defines depression:

1a. The enactment of depressing

1b. The status of being depressed

2. An country that is sunk below its surroundings, a hollow

3. The status of feeling sad or despondent

4. Psychology: Clinical depression. A upset characterized by an inability to concentrate, insomnia, loss of appetite, feelings of utmost sadness, guilt, weakness and hopelessness

5a. A decrease in activity or force

5b. A decrease in physiological energy or activity.

In the thesaurus, you will happen words that depict emotional states of being: despair, sadness, gloominess, misery, hopelessness, melancholy. You will also happen words that depict inactive states of being: slump, recession, decline, fall. Bash we fall into depression or is it a gradual decline? Isn't it clip we take a expression at the word depression, not as a noun but as a verb? When you are depressed, it is because you are blue something. Everyone experiences diminutions in life. The sun come ups up, the sun travels down, the seasons change. Depression is a normal portion of the life cycle, the changing of the seasons of our lives. We can go on to look to nature for the answers. When light comes in darkness, the darkness travels away. The same is true with consciousness and action. When consciousness is followed by action, depression travels away. If you are experiencing depression, inquire yourself, what passionateness or choler or heartache am I depressing? What joyousness have got I been denying myself? Rich Person you been holding down your dreams, depressing your desires, turning away from the action you are afraid of taking? It takes a batch of energy to be depressed. When you are actively blue something, you are keeping the truth down. The truth is not that you are depressed, but that you are depressing. Radiance the visible light of truth - when light comes in darkness, the darkness travels away.

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